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June 25, 2011 / Danielle

Day 162

Today kicks off the beginning of my two-month travel adventure (which culminates on August 24th with the conclusion of my cross-country move.) (Eee. One of these days that will stop seeming looming and enormous. . . right?) (Feel free to lie to me for comfort here.)

This week I’m at home with my family, enjoying a brief vacation, tying up some loose ends for moving (I brought a giant suitcase with my backup winter coat and a few sweaters that will be living at my parents’ house for my graduate school duration.) For my five days here, I’m trying a little capsule-wardrobe mini-remix: a handful of pieces, six outfits. Which . . honestly, I didn’t really plan, so much as I just threw a couple of pieces into the suitcase and thought “yeah, that’ll be fine” . . .  Let’s see I do?

For my brief plane ride from warm Chicago to warmer Nebraska, I tossed on this:

anthro dress, BCBG jacket, Alfani sandals (Macy's)

(And yes, I look so grumpy and accusatory – I was running out the door super-late for my plane – but I still made it! Hurray!)

I know you’ve seen a lot of this dress, and I’ve been thinking that it’s a good example of the hallmarks that make something in my closet super-wearable. It’s comfortable and machine-washable, a simple fit and therefore easily flattering, and it’s cute on its own while having a fun and colorful print that lends itself well to mixing. (Don’t think I’m not tucking this information away in my memory as a guide to shopping – come 1/15/2012.)

It certainly feels made for this jacket; another BCBG find from 2007, which I haven’t been able to wear nearly as much as I ought. It’s such a great cut and has all these wonderful architectural details, and I love it bunches. (Again, I’m not quiiiiiite slim enough for it at the moment, but hopefully I’ll find a way to keep it in rotation.) BCBG is never a brand I’ve shopped much of, but the few pieces I have? Are all so well made and beautifully designed. It may be hit or miss, from my perspective, but the hits seem to straddle the middle ground between places like anthropologie and Ann Taylor; a simple and classic look, but with just a slight twist of something a little unexpected. (And yet without succumbing to embellishment overload or falling into the ‘just another sweater’ category.)

Okay, y’all – off to hang up everything from my suitcase and make sure my casual packing included things like, you know, socks. And hopefully pants. It may have been a little too laissez-faire . . .




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  1. ali / Jun 26 2011 1:47 am

    LOVE bcbg, especially since they do clean modern lines so well with a twist of flair. This jacket is LOVELY and certainly no exception to the rule. 😀

    • Danielle / Jun 27 2011 5:09 am

      why thanks yo 🙂 – Max Azria really knows what he’s doing from time to time, doesn’t he?

  2. Chelsea / Jun 28 2011 5:28 pm

    You know how I feel about BCBG. From my bridal shower, the one you are missing, tonight, I am wearing BCBG. 🙂

    • Danielle / Jun 28 2011 5:33 pm

      I’m pretty sure that if you ever leave Miles, it will be for a BCBG dress.

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