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June 28, 2011 / Danielle

Day 165

Mini-remix, parti quatre:

anthro dress & belt, Alfani sandals

(I sincerely thought I threw another pair of shoes in my suitcase . . . then again, I thought I threw several things in that have instead gone missing. To quote a blog I read today*, “I feel as if my brain is working very very efficiently, but only for about .09 seconds at a time”. Sigh. Less than six weeks and I’ll be all moved.)

One of my best friends from childhood (hey, Justin and Katie!) and his girlfriend are moving cross-country as well (though they’re headed to the other end of the same coast). We both moved to Chicago within a month of eachother to attend different-but-two-blocks-away colleges downtown. Now we’re both leaving Chicago in the same six week time period (after living a train stop apart for the past two years.) And – yet – tonight? We both just happen to be back in Nebraska. So I’m headed out for a cocktail and a bite and some quick chitchat before we both return to our journeys westward (his currently happening, mine circuitously en route.)


*yes, she’s referring to bride brain. But I think moving brain is a similar counterpart.

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