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June 30, 2011 / Danielle

Day 167

Today I’m jetting back to Chicago after my brief (and successful! Yay Beetle!) sojourn at home. I snagged this ensemble for comfort and ease (and I’ll admit, I pretty much just ripped it off of Kendi Everyday):

J. Crew shirt, anthro chemise, Alfani sandals

Actually, to be fair? I’m pretty sure I used Kendi’s amazing style as a template, but colored it in with Clarissa Darling. (I may be in my childhood home, but I still can’t find my big-ass scrunchies to complete the look).

Busy day today; running into a look-see (audition) on my way home from the airport, completing half-a-dozen errands, re-packing my bag for the two (maybe three!*) mini trips I have to complete before The Big Move . . . .

Thanks Omaha, and awesome Omahaans. Back soon.

*well, you didn’t think I’d just leave my little blue Beetle at home until I’m ready to move, did you? Someone’s really tempted to jet back and pick her up and bring her to Chicago for a week before heading cross-country . . .


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