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July 1, 2011 / Danielle

Day 168

So today’s momentous occasion was a little overshadowed by the fact that my grab-and-go picture is less than stellar (it’s been a ridiculous couple of days, y’all.) But it is indeed an important pitstop in my year off shopping, as this is the first time I’ve worn pants other than jeans. (Yes, LJ; these are for you.)

J. Crew shirt, Diesel pants, Bloch flats, anthro bow

Now, the fact that in the last 170-odd days, I have worn only three pairs of jeans, one pair of shorts, and now these pants? Should tell me something about the three or four pairs of dress pants and cargoes I have sitting in my closet at this exact moment. Shouldn’t it? Shouldn’t it really?

That said, these were super comfy and I felt fantastic in ’em. Less so as the temperature warmed up (well it as a mere 68 when I left the house), though, so we may not see them again for a while.

The anthropologie bow was a little addition (and I’ll get you a better shot of it soon) just to up the femininity of my ensemble. (I like girly accessories.) I originally bought it to style with the romper . . . and don’t think I won’t be on that, sometime in the near future. . . .

I ran errands all day today, y’all, and it’s not over yet; I’m determined to knock as much off my to-do list as possible tonight, as I’m headed into a week of nonstop working followed up by (eek!) my apartment-scouting trip to San Diego. I own a car! Soon I’ll have an address! This is really happening.


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