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July 4, 2011 / Danielle

Day 170

Guys, this has been a most beautiful day, and it’s not even over yet.

This morning I got up at the ungodly hour of six am (on a Sunday – oh yes!) to sneak in ten minutes of Pilates and washing my hair before work. Then I tramped off to Uptown to help out with some photography, then grabbed a quick bus to Lincoln Park for a matinee of our current show, and finally? Shucked my costume, shook out my curls and hopped into a strapless dress to dash downtown.

One of my favorite theatre companies had orchestrated a reading of the Declaration of Independence at the Pritzker Pavilion to coincide with the Symphony performing at the Grant Park Independence Celebration, and this little redhead was so thrilled to make it her second-to-last chance to perform on the Chicago stage. (Kind of nice to go out on my biggest crowd ever.)(….’cept for a final night of the farce next week.)

I read my little bit in concert with some of the people I’ve admired for years, friends and colleagues, mentors and teachers; and it was ever so grand. Thanks, y’all.

And then when we  were through, I prevailed upon the fabulous LJ to snap me this photo just beyond the stage door:

swapped dress (Christopher Deane), Alfani sandals

You have yet to see this dress because, ahem, it had yet to fit. (Umm. Yes.) I snagged it at the same clothing swap at which I picked up my red dress (and from the same person – thanks again, Saren!) I had totally planned to wear my red plaid dress (which felt very subtly appropriate), but when Chicago started making me sweat at 85 degrees? I thought strapless was a good way to play it safe. (No one wants to look sweaty in front of a thousand people.) And yet – on my first wear? I’m madly in love. I kept it, in spite of it being a wee too small, because I loved the beautiful ice-blue-green-teal-or-is-it-seafoam? color. And it proved the perfect thing for the stage; simple, pretty, and fit to delight.

Also delightfully? LJ might have been wearing a dress I swapped to her. High-fives all around for the non-shopping solution to the new pretty dress shortage!

A beautiful day, a joyful production, a play and a cool summer’s eve . . . I’ll take your love letters any day, Chicago.





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