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July 5, 2011 / Danielle

Day 172

Ten days down from half a year, y’all!

Today, I was running to a commercial audition. I’d planned a fabulous blouse-and-denim combo, but oh my God it is so hot and humid.  (I broke into a sweat shimmying into my jeans.) Thus foiled, I went on the hunt for something appropriate and comfortable, and here’s what I rustled up:

Victoria's Secret polo, Anthro skirt, Tahari wedges

I really don’t think you’ve seen the polo before – I specifically bought it for my last headshot session, since my agent asked for one – but I really only wear it for occasions like these. (Does it surprise anyone when I say I’m much more of a ‘fabulous t-shirt with ruching/lace/sequins/pattern’ girl?)

Y’all, I packed three boxes yesterday before I gave out. One of them was full of sweaters, another of shoes, and even then I had the worst debates with myself about what was and wasn’t going to be needed before I see it again in mid-August. (I mean, odds are if I can’t even wear denim for the sake of the heat . . . . yeah, it’s silly of me to be obsessed over my big robe-like sweaters.) (And when are you planning to wear those many extraneous high heels, redhead? In your last weeks of running errands all over town? That makes so much sense.)( . . . . but who knows?!?!?)

If there’s anything I should have learned from this project so far, it should be outfit-planning, how to mix and get the best from my wardrobe pieces. However, I’m going to go ahead and call it my anxiety that’s making it hard to make choices about what goes and what stays. (How can I possibly know what I’ll need for clothes in the next five weeks?? How on EARTH??)

(Again. Take a breath. It’s all going to be fine.)

(I’m beginning to suspect that was not a decaf non-fat caramel Frappuccino* . . . )

Okay. No more stalling and panicking. Back to packing (why didn’t it occur to me to shove tights in there with my sweaters?) and to enjoying, as much as I can, these sultry summer eves . . .

*with no whip. But yes drizzle. Drizzle’s the best part.


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