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July 9, 2011 / Danielle

Day 175

Okay, guys; we have officially entered the Limited Closet Zone. (This means that I picked up garment boxes and put everything I could possibly classify as extraneous into ’em.)(Party dresses, graduation robe, and show choir frock from 2001* are mixed in with winter jackets and infrequently used belts.)

This jacket has been dying to make an appearance, and I finally found a way to wear it:

anthro dress, Alfani sandals, Jones New York jacket (via TJ Maxx)

The jacket belongs to a two-piece suit that I bought three years back, having either mistaken myself for a fabulous international corporate lawyer – or forgetting that I was no longer competing in the National Forensics League. (Guys, I don’t want to brag, but I am a 3-time Nebraska State Speech champion.)(I totally double-rubied that shit.)

At this point, though the suit is relatively useless in my current life (and the skirt is, no lie, several pounds away from a comfortable zipping), I’m absolutely keeping it. The jacket is delightful, and when I re-enter the theatre-and-maybe-film world? I have my Law-and-Order audition outfit all set!

(And my love for this dress? Grows every day.)

Limited Closet Zone is going to be an exciting challenge**, akin to a slightly extended remix with many more clothing options. (But two garment boxes, three large packing boxes and a giant suitcase less than usual.) Won’t you join me?

*oh, like you wouldn’t still want to have a four-layered coral skirt with a rhinestone-edged halter top. You know. For . . . . . . umm . . . . . . . swing dancing?

**As will be, finding an apartment in a strange city in three days. Or see also, packing up an entire nine years of life in four. (You’re not obligated to join me for those.)


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