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July 11, 2011 / Danielle

Day 177 (176 pending documentation)

Okay, y’all. Sorry for the vanishing act, but it has been a most wonderful and delightful – and busy – weekend.

Yesterday I worked all day at my retail gig (moving money! we needs it!), and then ran straight to the final performance of my last play in Chicago. (Oh, goodness. The misty eyes, here they come.) After that, half of the cast (myself included) went out for a delicious evening that began with summer shandy and a Lincoln Avenue bar, and ended with Goose Island’s 312 and a long, lovely, wistful conversation overlooking the city from my building’s rooftop. (Is there any better place to be at 3 am on a Saturday night?) The weather was heavenly and the night sky was beautiful and all was well.

(I wore a vintage dress you’ve not yet seen – I will get you pictures, I do promise – but I got a handful of compliments on it all day. Hurray!)

Today I had a second day of retailing, followed by a quick catch-up dinner with one of my very best gal-pals. It’s late-summer Chicago sweaty heat, and yet I aimed for layers in my on-the-run-out-the-door ensemble:

J. Crew blouse, anthro dress, Alfani sandals

Y’all might have to bear with me for the next few days; I’m headed to the west coast to meet San Diego and to hopefully find a home, as well as get some loose ends tied up with student loans and the program coordinator, see some plays, meet some people . . . . woof. I’m excited. I’ve been waiting for this moment to arrive for ages! But goodness me. This change is coming fast.

Anyway – forgive me for sporadic posting – I’ll promise to keep you looped in!


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