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July 16, 2011 / Danielle

Day 182

This is it, y’all. Half-way-though’s eve.

(But we’ll save the special dress and celebration for tomorrow.) (or maybe Sunday, depending on how much packing I must do tomorrow?)

So as you know, I’ve been in California for the past four days, skipping around San Diego apartment-hunting (two promising prospects – hoping to get everything nailed down by Monday)! I had a couple of fabulous dresses, but they all felt too dressy for the laid back, low-key stuff we were doing (and, um, they might be a little tight – fit fine last week, but eating on the road is not so healthy and In-And-Out is totes delicious.)

In any case – I’m typing this at LAX – and my fancy-fab ensemble got shucked this T-shirt and skirt combo. (The T? Might actually have been my PJs, washed and hung out by the pool and the pear tree to dry this morning.) (For your edification, it reads “Obama Fo Yo Mama”. In case you were wondering.) Though we didn’t use the fancy camera, my photog friend and I were inspired by a little Lindsay Lohan posing . . . .

UO t-shirt, anthro skirt, Marc by Marc boots

pose stolen direct from Lilo. (oh yeah.)

We’re silly. and yes, that’s her fabulous pool in the background. (And I ate a peach straight off the tree.) (But the grapes were not yet ripe.) Remixed:


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