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July 20, 2011 / Danielle

Day 185

We are having another heat wave in Chicago, but this time? I don’t even have an air-conditioned workspace to go to.

Having set aside these two days before I skip town again (this time for a mini-trip to Austin, for a wedding, and swinging back to Omaha to tie up some loose ends) to just pack? Means the heat lethargy sets in really badly. (I am typing this once again perched directly in front of my window fan.)

So for the last few days, the name of the game has been “how little can I get away with wearing?” (And perhaps, just maybe, I have actually spent the majority of my day in a big loose babydoll nightgown. . . . )

And as I’ve packed and packed and packed, I’m starting to have to make a loose sketch of what I want to wear in the next few weeks (for my last week in Chicago and my cross-country roadtrippery.) These sartorial choices are going to be heavily influenced by the 85-to-100-degree heat and extreme humidity, let me tell you that.

Anyway, here’s yesterday:

anthro chemise & belt, Alfani sandals

I know I wear this little chemise to death, but ugh, it’s so wonderfully cute and yet still low maintenance. I love it heartily.

The belt is something I picked up after much debate and stalking over Christmas, and I’m still not sure about it, to be honest. I loved the flowers – I still do – but their placement just makes me feel wider and wider and wider. . . . it may be purged in the next go around. (I’ll try and get a better photo of it before then.) We’ll just see.

Day 185:


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