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July 28, 2011 / Danielle

On the Move

Hey y’all! Don’t worry – I haven’t completely abandoned you. The last week or so has been unbelievably busy and stressful (and I’ve been reduced to either one-shots on the back porch or a single snapped iPhone-photo – if any at all!), and the upcoming one is pretty much going to stay that way . . . however, I’ll be on the road (for my big cross-country roadtrip!) starting Monday! And I anticipate having a lot of evening fatigued time to sit with my laptop and camera and catch up.

Also, to be fair? My outfits these days are lame. The simple dresses you’re already seen, always the same sandals, and at this point, bun or ponytail standard. I had really hoped to make sure I could show you 365 original, fabulous outfits . . . and while I’m sure I could still, I definitely am spending this week in the plainest of clothes. (Packing is a pain. Yes, I’m still packing. Oh god. So much to do.)

On the flip side, and I promise to catch you up on this soon, I have mostly sorted out the pieces that are coming with me for a potential three-week dressup time (this is presuming the movers don’t hurry up and chase me to California . . . and if they go off a cliff, well, then I’m totally screwed.) Alternately, too, I’m taking a mere two garment boxes and one large suitcase with me to California . . . and storing the rest at my parents’ house, as they’ve graciously offered more space. And yes, I promise to update you on this crazy closet purge, as it’ll leave me with about half of my current wardrobe. (Madness? No doubt. But it’ll be exciting I think!)

And do I want to buy things? Ohmygodallthetime. But I’m taking this as both a sign of stress (which it is) and that I’m anxious about change (which I am), and that it would be so nice to know exactly what to wear tomorrow . . . .(which it would . . . . )  . . . (and it won’t be something new.) I’m doing my best to stay strong!

Okay. I promise you outfits soon. Wish me luck on the upcoming week!





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