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August 4, 2011 / Danielle

Day 201 (And 193 and 189)

Hey y’all! Yes, I’m back, and with an outfit to boot (hurray!)

Today was Day 3 of my cross-country road trip (and I’ll have some catch-up posts coming for you soon.) We’ve traveled a thousand miles (1002.3, to be exact) – and by we, I mean me and the little blue Beetle. (And yes, my trusty brother Casey is along for the ride since Nebraska.)

The name of the game for the last few days has been comfort, especially in this heat; and you’ve seen this dress a million times, but it’s one of my favorites for ease of wear.

In fact, because you’ve seen it a million times? I’m not embarrassed to post the less-than-stellar headless photo I managed to snap this morning:

anthro dress, Alfani sandals, blonde puppy.

But you do get to see my puppy, Sosa. (Yes, I adopted her in Chicago circa 2003 – how on earth did you guess?)

The best part of this outfit (and the reason I felt even slightly okay posting the headless photo) is that I’ve basically worn it twice more in the past few weeks. (Yup. It was a busy and hot time. For comfortable clothes.)

And those two times were Day 189, when I flew from Austin to Omaha and then began driving back to Chicago (after registering the blue Bug) . . . and the other? Was for one of my “leaving Chicago” adventures – a doubleheader day of lunch at Hot Doug‘s and dinner at Kuma’s Corner (or as dubbed by its innovator, my buddy Gilmer, “Meat Sweats Day”**.)

In case you should say it is not possible? I present you with the following photographic evidence of Day 193:

Four dogs and fries at 10:30 am


Enormous burger. Enormous Mac & Cheese. at 10:30 pm*

*Note: for those who are hoping to attempt a similar feat? The twelve-hour gap between the two is highly recommended.

**As one of his friends said, “A star has been added to the Chicago flag in honor of your achievement.”

So – apologies for my absence, etc etc etc – as well as the lack of fabulous variety. But as my life shifts coasts and gears, I’ll have a little more time to keep you updated, I hope. (It’s nice to be back.)

Remixed (oh, a bunch):


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