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August 6, 2011 / Danielle

Day 203

Quickly snapped outfit post (yes, in the bathroom) at my little brother’s Master degree graduation:

anthro dress, Bandolino heels (Macy's)

I love this dress. Though it’s only really suitable for warm warm weather/climates (Chicago summer, the beach, perhaps the occasional jaunt in Southern California?), I’m delighted to keep it in rotation in my dress repertoire. And it felt absolutely freaking perfect for a breezy August day in Sante Fe.

And the shoes? I just can’t seem to find where I wore them before, though I feel as if I did . . . . they’re shiny copper-pink peeptoes. You’ll see ’em better soon.




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  1. Rachel / Aug 7 2011 12:23 am

    I admire you so much for your shopping ban. I really want to do that myself this next year and just be thankful for all I have and enjoy wearing it. How have you found the strength to do this? I do have alot of restraint because I am not in any kind of credit card debt or anything, but I still feel like shopping rules me to some degree. I will see something I want and I will become completely obsessed with it until I am able to get it. Like right now, I am obsessing over an anthropologie cardigan from last year that I missed out on, and I have been stalking ebay like a mad woman. It is not like the world is going to end if I don’t ever get it, but I almost feel that way. I think it would be so good to try your experiment.

    • Danielle / Aug 7 2011 12:48 am

      Rachel – I am so with you. To be honest, I can’t really tell you where I found the wherewithal to do this – because I didn’t know until I began that I really could. And the first few weeks were pretty torturous, as I had (still have sometimes) the same intense coveting feeling you mentioned – as if the world will be over if I don’t somehow get that dress, or those shoes, or that sweater. I will say that it has absolutely gotten easier as it’s gone, and I love my closet in ways I never used to before; I feel pretty in 99.9% of what I own, and when I don’t feel attractive in something, I have no qualms about discarding it easily.
      But at the beginning, and in ebbs and flows since (usually in times of great stress – last week I craved a few things so badly that I ended up buying a dress and a sweater to give as gifts to a friend and my mom (and don’t think I’m not planning to blog about that soon)) – it was absolutely, definitely, terrible and hard to say no to myself. Which sounds a lot like what you are experiencing – and was my impetus to start this year off.
      I can tell you it is absolutely not easy, but – blogging helps? SInce it gives me an outlet for my frustration, and it holds me accountable. And it shows me what I’m getting use out of in my closet, and I love sharing with the community of bloggers I’ve found. I will also say that it definitely gets easier, your outlook will shift more quickly than you expected or hoped, and you wouldn’t spend the whole year just counting down the minutes until you could buy something new to wear. 🙂
      Email me if you have specific questions or just want to talk further – but I totally hear you, you’re not alone in that feeling, and if you think a year off would do you good? I know you could do it.

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