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August 10, 2011 / Danielle

Days 204-207 (Catching up)

Ladies! Gentlemen! Friends!

I am arrived in Southern California.

After 2000 miles (2,500 if we count my week in Chicago), a tricky air conditioner, two different driving companions (Holla, Casey & Molly!), a bunch of mountains, one long-ass desert, and gas prices running the gamut from $3.27 to $4.49 (Gulp, I know) . . . . . I made it to San Diego.

Forgive me for being absent – my new and empty lovely little home won’t have the internet until tonight or tomorrow, at the earliest – and really, things have been just a wee bit crazy (unpacking the Bug, blowing up the air mattress, locating the nearest Target/laundromat/In-And-Out*.) (And in Molly’s case, killing the bugs that appear as we clean and I shriek and run from the room. She’s a goddamn superhero.)

I have four days worth of outfits to show you (five, technically, since I am not naked sitting at this Starbucks), so let’s get started!

Saturday (Day 204), I spent wandering downtown Santa Fe with my family, eating enormous cinnamon rolls and visiting all the work at the Georgia O’Keefe museum. (And then I took a nap. Directly after which, I took this picture:

anthro dress, Alfani sandals

I believe that is me at my Most Stunning.

Sunday, (Day 205), we spent the morning eating a most magnificent breakfast at the Santa Fe Baking Company, and walking the Farmer’s Market before I took off to begin the last leg of my roadtrip (and pick up my friend-and-roadtripping -companion Molly.) Here’s what I wore:

anthro dress, Lucky boots

I can neither confirm nor deny the purchase of this fricking adorable Alpaca puppet**:

Monday (Day 206) remains undocumented, due to extreme length of day (6:00 am to midnight) and distance traveled (straight shot from San Diego all the way south through Phoenix, curving through Yuma, and through the desert alongside Mexico until we crossed mountains and made it to the coast.) But I can tell y’all, I wore this dress and this shirt tied at the waist, and my ubiquitous sandals. And it was really cute . . . until I sweated all the way through it and into the leatherette seats. (Memo: next time you’re driving through the desert, wear nothing but sunscreen and a swimsuit.)(Bonus – you can hose off at rest stops!)

Yesterday (Day 207) was our first full day in San Diego (and our discovery that even the nicest airbed is just not as pleasant as a mattress.) So far? It’s been a combo of culture shock and delightful surprises. But it’s a gorgeous city, I’m excited to keep exploring my neighborhood, and between In-And-Out Burger and Pinkberry? I know I’mma be just fine.

Here’s what I wore for running errands and exploring (and yet still wanting to feel a little pretty when we went out for fancy cocktails in the eve:)

J. Crew shirt, AG jeans, Alfani sandals, handmade headband

Note to self; make more room in your life for red lipstick. (Also, sleep.)

I’ll be back on a more regular basis soon!

Day 204:

Day 205:
Day 206:

Day 207:

*My new best friend.

** I mean . . . . what am I saving money on not buying clothes for, if not to buy the cutest softest puppet playthings . . . . for which I have very-little-t0-no practical use?




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  1. Ali* / Aug 10 2011 10:15 pm


    On a more on-topic note, loving the red dress and boots combo. Sheer fantastic!! Can’t wait to hear more about the Cali life… Glad you made it safely. 🙂

    • Danielle / Aug 12 2011 6:32 am

      isn’t it ADORABLE? I can’t believe I bought a puppet . . . but I couldn’t resist.

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