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August 12, 2011 / Danielle

Day 208 & 209

Hey y’all. I’m still getting the fabric of my days sorted out here, so I appreciate your continued patience . . . . . however, I should have life organized relatively soon (the furniture is tentatively slated for delivery tomorrow, for example – woo hoo!) so I’m really looking forward to a return to regular blogging.

The bad news of today? I neglected to get a photo of yesterday. (I’ll still link you to everything I wore.)

The good news? is that my roadtrip buddy Molly took the opportunity to help me make a quick iPhone tour vide of my new apartment to send to friends and family across the country (for whom Chicago was a reasonably priced visit, but southern California is just a wee too far) . . . so more than a picture, I have a video of myself today.

The dress and boots you’ve seen – the jacket is anthro and I lurve lurve lurve it. And it’s perfect for the slight nip in San Diego in the morning before the sun burns through the fog . . .


Day 208

Day 209


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