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August 26, 2011 / Danielle

After The Migration (and Day 224)

Hello hello hello! After a busy two weeks of errands, painting, cleaning, hammering, and an indecent number of trips to Ikea, I’m finally settled in SoCal and ready to return to the life of the regular blogger. (During this interim, I also flew back to Chicago, said a four-month-farewell* to some of my very best peeps, and stuffed a very truculent and displeased cat into a plastic box and flew her back across the country with me.) (True story? Kitten Valium is a godsend.)

Salient points for you in regards to my absence (I’m SAT-wording all over the place here);

  • I did not buy any clothes for myself. (No beach flip-flops, no raincoat in Chicago, none of that. Staying strong!)
  • I continued to wear basically the same three dresses on repeat. (This was partially possible cause, hey, I wasn’t going to work or school or seeing people regularly, so no one would be around to tell or comment.)
  • I made some interesting self-discoveries re: wardrobe. (For example, on my last night in Chicago, I’d packed a handful of fabulous frocks; but I ended up in the same sparrow-covered chemise I’d been wearing so much. As my girlfriends said, “you just look so much like you in that dress.”)
  • I packed another half of my wardrobe in my trunk and have called it a day. (For those of you keeping score, that means that 1/3 of my clothes are in Nebraska at my parents’ house, another is in my trunk here, and a mere 33% of all that I’ve been wearing for the past few months remains in my current closet. Now, granted, this 33% is full of a lot you’ve not seen – t-shirts, workout pants, the occasional yoga-friendly skirt; all stuff that had no use in my life as an office gal and theatre socialite. But my clothes are definitely, definitely revealing how much my life has changed – even beyond just the regular and constant 75 degrees that now awaits me every afternoon. And it hasn’t rained yet. (The price-per-wear on my Hunters is gonna be pretty constant for a while, methinks.)) Which basically means
  • My style is shifting to reflect my new life. (I’m not sure I’m gonna be as cute, y’all.)
But I’ll delve into all of that further as I get caught up here. For now, I have for you a return to outfits!

I confess, I’m still not really pleased with my photo-location; redhead needs to buy a tripod, stat. (Said photo was taken while the camera was precariously balanced on the balcony railing, and I’m not wild about the odds of that being possible for the long term….)

J. Crew tee (hand-me-down), anthro skirt, audrey brooke sandals

Remixed once more:

*I’m doing my damnedest to get back to New Years, you’d BETTER BELIEVE.


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  1. Adeline / Aug 26 2011 6:57 pm

    Glad to see you’re all settled into SD 🙂 Love your skirt, I own that skirt as well and I love your orange & gray combo.

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