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August 28, 2011 / Danielle

Day 226

So forgive me for still not having mastered the art of the San Diego photo; my courtyard’s a decent option, but my neighbors were out in full force this morning (and I’m still too shy to ask them to snap a photo). Hence, another grabbed on the way out the door;

anthro dress, audrey brooke sandals

Today was the first day that I thought “Screw what seems SoCal-stylish, I’mma dress up a little and wear something I love”. This dress is still a favorite of mine; I bought it for turning 26, and it’s a little too loose at the moment, but I am totally charmed by its full skirt every time I wear it. It’s the kind of thing I’ll probably purge if I end up dropping another size, or if I find in my new life that I just never have an occasion to pull it out, but it has served me so faithfully and continues to be versatile and pretty.

One change I’ve noticed is the shift from holding onto clothes for emotional reasons into seeing them as just something to wear. My 26th birthday was maybe the happiest I’ve ever had; I was single and a little adrift life-wise at the time, and the amazing, rallying support of my friends and family celebrating touched me incredibly deeply. I’ve got great pictures, and some equally grand memories of the evening, and I’m realizing it doesn’t dishonor the memory of it at all to give away the dress that I wore then. It was a beautiful, enormously happy evening, and I felt pretty and loved. Those things will still be true if I wish the dress into the arms of someone else*.

For the moment? I’ll keep it around. But if I end up letting it go, it only means that I’m making space for new adventures, in (eventually, probably) new frocks; that it’s okay to make room for yourself to change and grow.

*ideally, in my head, setting it free to have further beautiful adventures.


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