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September 30, 2011 / Danielle

A Quick Little Update

So I’m rapidly inching up on 100 days left in this project; that’s kind of a strange feeling.

I knew when I started that by the time I hit the last quarter of this project, it becomes a kind of cheat-zone. After all – anything I fall in love with in the next few months has real potential to still be available by January 15th, 2012. (Sidebar; it’s also weird to think that I’m only going to be 27 for the next three and a half months. Weird as it is, I don’t feel ready for 28….?)

I know I’ve been trying to find a way to evolve this blog into my new life. We’ve discussed that already – not only how my use of my closet has changed (I’m wearing my Target leggings day in and day out, for yoga and movement class) – but how my need to express myself through fashion is different now that I’m working in a creative place on a regular basis. Don’t get me wrong – I still dress up, and play with texture, color and shape. It’s just now I’m doing it with the primary goal of comfort and freedom of movement, as well as style. (Also, Southern California may be fairly temperate, but it also seems to experience that full range within a single day. It’s 65 when I wake up, 82 at one, and 55 by bedtime . . . girl’s gotta carry a bunch of layers!)

I still want to show off outfits, fo sho. And I’m still not shopping!

But I do think now is a good time to start shifting my focus to What Happens Next. Yes, I’ve got three more months to go; yes, it’s been a fairly easy ride, especially over the last months. (And yes, I’ve still had many a little meltdown, which tells us that shopping is almost inextricably linked to emotional wellbeing for me.)

I’ve considered extending this project. It’s not a bad idea; I still have enough well-made and fairly well-taken-care-of stuff to get me through. I might even be able to manage another full year.

I’m thinkin’ about it.

On the other hand; there are things I need, especially in my new life. I’ve been craving a red cardigan. I could make excellent use of a couple of pairs of leggings in some good neutral grays and blues. And my sandals are starting to look gravely worn out; I’m not sure they’ll survive another season. (Ditto some of my beloved boots.) And while I’m still hanging in there without too much effort, redhead could definitely find use for some new socks and undergarments.

In addition to that, though, I think it’s important to acknowledge that I’ve changed. I’m gonna be 28; not 27, not 25, not 23. And yes, some of the stuff I bought then I’m still wearing, happily, and it still looks like me and feels like my style. But by the same token, I think I’m allowed to evolve. It would be okay to switch out things that no longer express who I am.

Now, by this, I don’t mean that I should go on a shopping spree (with student loans I don’t have). But I do think that just as I’ve allowed myself to grow, I can allow my wardrobe to reflect who I am now.

So. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how to manage on moderation, how to keep myself from shopping emotionally, and especially, what criteria clothing will have to meet in order to join the closet I’ve curated rather carefully over the past nine months. And while it might be exciting, and challenging, and in some ways, safest, to extend this year off . . . . I think it’s going to be more challenging for me to find out how I can function when I’m not in cold turkey rehab. That’s the next challenge. The year of How Do You Shop Responsibly and Know What You Wear and What Are The Right Reasons To Buy Something New?

I started this project because I knew I had to stop my shopping problem somehow. Now that I’ve learned that abstinence won’t kill me . . . is it time to grow up and learn a little moderation?



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  1. Rachel / Sep 30 2011 4:26 pm

    I have an update. I have been following your blog and I have had a small victory. I desperately wanted to buy myself some cobalt colored skinny jeans from f21 during their free shipping recently and I wanted to order one of those pleated chiffon skirts and found the perfect color at Then I found some wonderful faux snakeskin fabric ( I love to sew ) from and could have gotten it 50% off. I worked my way through the emotions of it and now I feel that I can do without them. I attribute alot of prayer and your blog to helping me through this.

    • Danielle / Oct 1 2011 5:23 am

      Hey Rachel – I’m so glad you’re feeling more comfortable with and in control of your shopping – it’s funny how much of an emotional attachment we get to it, isn’t it? and to be honest, I’m still not sure how I will do without a blanket “no”. I admire your moderation – and wish you continued good luck 🙂

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