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October 4, 2011 / Danielle

Updates (and maybe outfits to come)

A couple of little observations as I barrel through my week:

  • Making do or doing without is becoming paramount in a world where I need to dress to move every day. I don’t really like living exclusively in my yoga clothes, so I’ve been taking scissors to all those opaque tights. You’re gonna see a lot of solid fitted leggings. I’ve tried to be careful and moderate, so that I can still use them in tights-fashion, but I’m definitely altering my current wardrobe to suit my new needs . . .
  • I tore the strap on my favorite sandals! And have yet to decide if I’m going to try to get them fixed or just make do until the project’s over. Other casualties include this pretty dress (stained, and returned to the drycleaners for a second go at getting it out).
  • Y’all? I still just have too many clothes. For the first time in a long while, I played closet dress up today, planning outfits for the week and trying to mix and match clothes I’ve not gotten a chance to put on for a while. I’ve got ensembles set for the week . . . but still so many things to wear in the future. If it’s been a year and it’s still not gotten on me? It’s getting ridiculous.
  • Also, remember when I lived in Chicago, and could wear sweaters and layers without getting them gross and sweaty? Sigh. My laundry bill is going to go sky-high as my rewearability tumbles. (You tease, San Diego, and your 55-to-85-degree-in-a-single-day weather.)
  • My “working-busy-actor” style? Still evolving. I’m trying to move towards a practical, moveable silhouette with some sense of personal style, but as I figure that out? Expect lots of basics, leggings and colors. With maybe a slip or two, or the occasional sundress or fantastic top . . . I’m not quite over wanting to dress up all the time.
PS – Remember when I was pale as a ghost in fair Chicago? I have a noticeable, discernible tan now . . . and it’s freaking me out.

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