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A Word to the Fashion Blogging Community

(This is excerpted from my summary of Week Nine.)

I worry (and have worried) that the fashion-blog community (which I love), is going to take this the wrong way. Please let me be clear; I am so not condemning everyone for their shopping; but I am condemning myself. My favorite part of other people’s blogs is seeing their creativity with what they have; how they mix and match pieces I never would have thought of together, and how they often create this complete picture of their personality through the weeks and months of seeing their style. We all need new clothes from time to time, and I am absolutely not saying that shopping and getting them (and enjoying that process) is a bad thing, or terrible for you, or makes you a vain and shallow person. I love my closet and I used to love shopping; but I’m realizing that I just can’t be trusted with it. I have an addictive personality, and I got addicted – heavily – to the high of new things. Now that I have some perspective, I’m enjoying my closet exactly the way it is – and guys? It feels great.

I think it’s important that we all examine our weaknesses, from time to time. And most of you, I’m aware, don’t have the same lack of control in this area – the same impulsivity that I suffered from. I’m excited that the energy I used to put into acquisition is now going towards creation; to remixing, to being creative, to digging through my clothes and thinking “How could I make this work?”

It’s best for me, it’s best for my finances, and it’s turning my terribly destructive habit into a source of joy and fun and expression again. And that’s a good, good thing.

Not shopping for this year is the best thing for me. It’s re-teaching me how to love and cherish, and, mostly importantly, use everything I own. But I’m not here to judge you, or tell you how to get the most out of your wardrobe; and if you can shop responsibly? More. power. to. you. (And more lovely, useful, wearable pretty things.)

(And I’d love to see what you do with them, so we can all keep taking inspiration from eachother. Send me a link!)

If, however, you do feel like you share some of my same feelings about shopping; if you worry that you’re too addicted to the high of something new, or you despair of how much money you can’t seem to stop spending? You can stop too. You can do this. Five months ago, I never thought I could – and it’s going great. (And feel free to email me if you have questions or thoughts.)

What’s most important – to me, and the community in general, I think – is that we keep enjoying our delightful, creative, expressive, hobby – and that we keep getting inspiration and joy from sharing it with eachother – regardless of how we do it.



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  1. Sahiti / Jun 7 2011 5:38 am

    I just put myself on a shopping ban as well! While I love reading other blogs for inspiration, sometimes I go a little crazy and buy things because they are popular on the blogosphere, even if they don’t suit my lifestyle. I lived in a very isolated, small town (no stoplights, 1 stop sign) until very recently and the high of getting my purchases in the mail was addictive. No more!

    • Danielle / Jun 10 2011 5:07 am

      Sahiti – I had the exact same problems with blogs too. There are pieces in my closet that I bought just because they looked so gorgeous on everyone else that I felt I must have them – and though I’ve worn several, I knew it wasn’t a good sign that I was having trouble controlling myself! It’s a wonderful (and sometimes frustrating) challenge working within your closet, definitely – though I still love to steal ideas from everyone else’s blogs 🙂

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