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A couple of pieces of information to catch you up if you’re new to the blog:

  • Hi! I’m Danielle.
  • I used to be an actress in Chicago, but I also have an office dayjob just quit my dayjob to focus more on my upcoming move cross-country moved across the country this fall to get my MFA in Theatre in sunny San Diego.
  • I’ve worked at several different stores over my retail career, including Bloomingdales, Ann Taylor, and Barneys, and I still have a nights-and-weekends retail gig.  (All of which definitely helped my shopping-crazyness.)
  • I love, love, love hearing from people who are working on similar projects (and I still adore my fashion blogs), so please feel free contact me if you’re doing something similar and you’d like to trade links/guest blog/all that!


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  1. Heidi / Feb 14 2012 12:44 am

    Hi Danielle! I have really enjoyed reading about your year of nothing new. You have such a fun writing style, and it was so interesting to read your thoughts about shopping. I think that I shop for the same reasons that you do, and am searching for some balance and moderation in my life. Your journey is inspiring me to work harder at finding some control over my spending habits.
    Have you written anything since November? I would love to know how your year of no shopping ended. Take care, and thanks again!

    • Danielle / May 11 2012 3:25 am

      Hey Heidi! I am FINALLY returned – graduate school took my brain in whole for quite some time – but I will absolutely answer your questions soon. So glad you liked the blog 🙂

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