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On Shopping Bans

I’ve noticed that the concept of taking time off from shopping (aka, the “shopping ban”) floats frequently around my favorite fashion blogs. From Kendi Everyday’s 30 for 30 Remix, to Anthroholic’s Month of May Shopping Ban/Shop Your Closet Challenge, there are myriad ways that we all make an effort to consume less and create more in our fashion choices. I love frugal fashion, and I love remixing what I’ve got; here are some notes from my current experience that might be interesting if you’re considering a shopping break of your own.

  • The Shopping Ban: Band-aid or cure?
  • Examining Temptation: what exactly makes it so hard for me to say no to myself?
  • Why (Parts 1 & 2): Cause my shopping problem didn’t appear overnight.
  • Pre-Project Panic: Change is scary. Drastic change? More so.
  • Transition: What’s changed, over a third-of-the-way in.
And here’s the process by which I prepared for my year off:

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