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The Great Purge

I started this project not only because I wanted to kick my obsessive shopping habit, but also to get some real use out of my ever-growing and much-hoarded closet. Over a third of the way through, I’m discovering what I’m really wearing. It’s inspiring me to sort through everything I’ve got, enjoy what I’m wearing, and ditch what I’m not*. Here’s the start of that big, old, cleaning-out-your-closet-without-replacing-a-thing process.

  • Part One (What are my dealbreakers for clothes?)
  • Part Two (Where I start being brutal about what’s going and staying.)
  • Part Three (For the first time – I sell some stuff. It maybe causes panic.)
  • Part Four (Redhead gets serious.)
  • Part Five (Danielle has a tantrum of too much choice.)
  • Part Six (The first toss-away limits are reached.)
*And yes, the prospect of moving across the country? Helps.

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