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August 26, 2011 / Danielle

After The Migration (and Day 224)

Hello hello hello! After a busy two weeks of errands, painting, cleaning, hammering, and an indecent number of trips to Ikea, I’m finally settled in SoCal and ready to return to the life of the regular blogger. (During this interim, I also flew back to Chicago, said a four-month-farewell* to some of my very best peeps, and stuffed a very truculent and displeased cat into a plastic box and flew her back across the country with me.) (True story? Kitten Valium is a godsend.)

Salient points for you in regards to my absence (I’m SAT-wording all over the place here);

  • I did not buy any clothes for myself. (No beach flip-flops, no raincoat in Chicago, none of that. Staying strong!)
  • I continued to wear basically the same three dresses on repeat. (This was partially possible cause, hey, I wasn’t going to work or school or seeing people regularly, so no one would be around to tell or comment.)
  • I made some interesting self-discoveries re: wardrobe. (For example, on my last night in Chicago, I’d packed a handful of fabulous frocks; but I ended up in the same sparrow-covered chemise I’d been wearing so much. As my girlfriends said, “you just look so much like you in that dress.”)
  • I packed another half of my wardrobe in my trunk and have called it a day. (For those of you keeping score, that means that 1/3 of my clothes are in Nebraska at my parents’ house, another is in my trunk here, and a mere 33% of all that I’ve been wearing for the past few months remains in my current closet. Now, granted, this 33% is full of a lot you’ve not seen – t-shirts, workout pants, the occasional yoga-friendly skirt; all stuff that had no use in my life as an office gal and theatre socialite. But my clothes are definitely, definitely revealing how much my life has changed – even beyond just the regular and constant 75 degrees that now awaits me every afternoon. And it hasn’t rained yet. (The price-per-wear on my Hunters is gonna be pretty constant for a while, methinks.)) Which basically means
  • My style is shifting to reflect my new life. (I’m not sure I’m gonna be as cute, y’all.)
But I’ll delve into all of that further as I get caught up here. For now, I have for you a return to outfits!

I confess, I’m still not really pleased with my photo-location; redhead needs to buy a tripod, stat. (Said photo was taken while the camera was precariously balanced on the balcony railing, and I’m not wild about the odds of that being possible for the long term….)

J. Crew tee (hand-me-down), anthro skirt, audrey brooke sandals

Remixed once more:

*I’m doing my damnedest to get back to New Years, you’d BETTER BELIEVE.

August 15, 2011 / Danielle

Settling in in sunny California

Hey y’all. I know I’ve been completely absent all weekend (to be fair, I was literally typing up the final moments of a Friday post for you when the movers’ truck pulled in a half-hour early.)  I’ve spent the last three days emptying my things from 31 boxes (with four or five left to go)!

And now that my clothes are here (and the new rail in my closet installed – and to be honest – SO much more easily than I expected it to be), I’m facing the dilemma of organizing my whole wardrobe.

In some ways, this is great; getting yet another chance to touch and see everything, to know my closet that much better. In others? It continues to score home the point that I just, simply, truthfully, have way too many things. I’ve got a decent sized closet with some vertical space, a trunk for out of season pieces (that you’ll see in some of the rather pathetic outfit photos I snapped of the weekend – I’m still looking for a good space to take them!), and a lovely bureau with five drawers – a girl really shouldn’t need more space than that, should she? I mean, yes, so many of them are outrageously pretty, but – how can I honestly say I need this many things? Especially now that I’m beginning acting class again?

So. I’m working to find a new photo spot, for one (my courtyard would probably work, but I’m shy to reveal myself as a blogger to my friendly neighbors), and then also to figure out exactly what I want to do with my closet.

The move was on. And though complete? The changes have only begun.

August 12, 2011 / Danielle

Day 208 & 209

Hey y’all. I’m still getting the fabric of my days sorted out here, so I appreciate your continued patience . . . . . however, I should have life organized relatively soon (the furniture is tentatively slated for delivery tomorrow, for example – woo hoo!) so I’m really looking forward to a return to regular blogging.

The bad news of today? I neglected to get a photo of yesterday. (I’ll still link you to everything I wore.)

The good news? is that my roadtrip buddy Molly took the opportunity to help me make a quick iPhone tour vide of my new apartment to send to friends and family across the country (for whom Chicago was a reasonably priced visit, but southern California is just a wee too far) . . . so more than a picture, I have a video of myself today.

The dress and boots you’ve seen – the jacket is anthro and I lurve lurve lurve it. And it’s perfect for the slight nip in San Diego in the morning before the sun burns through the fog . . .


Day 208

Day 209

August 10, 2011 / Danielle

Days 204-207 (Catching up)

Ladies! Gentlemen! Friends!

I am arrived in Southern California.

After 2000 miles (2,500 if we count my week in Chicago), a tricky air conditioner, two different driving companions (Holla, Casey & Molly!), a bunch of mountains, one long-ass desert, and gas prices running the gamut from $3.27 to $4.49 (Gulp, I know) . . . . . I made it to San Diego.

Forgive me for being absent – my new and empty lovely little home won’t have the internet until tonight or tomorrow, at the earliest – and really, things have been just a wee bit crazy (unpacking the Bug, blowing up the air mattress, locating the nearest Target/laundromat/In-And-Out*.) (And in Molly’s case, killing the bugs that appear as we clean and I shriek and run from the room. She’s a goddamn superhero.)

I have four days worth of outfits to show you (five, technically, since I am not naked sitting at this Starbucks), so let’s get started!

Saturday (Day 204), I spent wandering downtown Santa Fe with my family, eating enormous cinnamon rolls and visiting all the work at the Georgia O’Keefe museum. (And then I took a nap. Directly after which, I took this picture:

anthro dress, Alfani sandals

I believe that is me at my Most Stunning.

Sunday, (Day 205), we spent the morning eating a most magnificent breakfast at the Santa Fe Baking Company, and walking the Farmer’s Market before I took off to begin the last leg of my roadtrip (and pick up my friend-and-roadtripping -companion Molly.) Here’s what I wore:

anthro dress, Lucky boots

I can neither confirm nor deny the purchase of this fricking adorable Alpaca puppet**:

Monday (Day 206) remains undocumented, due to extreme length of day (6:00 am to midnight) and distance traveled (straight shot from San Diego all the way south through Phoenix, curving through Yuma, and through the desert alongside Mexico until we crossed mountains and made it to the coast.) But I can tell y’all, I wore this dress and this shirt tied at the waist, and my ubiquitous sandals. And it was really cute . . . until I sweated all the way through it and into the leatherette seats. (Memo: next time you’re driving through the desert, wear nothing but sunscreen and a swimsuit.)(Bonus – you can hose off at rest stops!)

Yesterday (Day 207) was our first full day in San Diego (and our discovery that even the nicest airbed is just not as pleasant as a mattress.) So far? It’s been a combo of culture shock and delightful surprises. But it’s a gorgeous city, I’m excited to keep exploring my neighborhood, and between In-And-Out Burger and Pinkberry? I know I’mma be just fine.

Here’s what I wore for running errands and exploring (and yet still wanting to feel a little pretty when we went out for fancy cocktails in the eve:)

J. Crew shirt, AG jeans, Alfani sandals, handmade headband

Note to self; make more room in your life for red lipstick. (Also, sleep.)

I’ll be back on a more regular basis soon!

Day 204:

Day 205:
Day 206:

Day 207:

*My new best friend.

** I mean . . . . what am I saving money on not buying clothes for, if not to buy the cutest softest puppet playthings . . . . for which I have very-little-t0-no practical use?


August 6, 2011 / Danielle

Day 203

Quickly snapped outfit post (yes, in the bathroom) at my little brother’s Master degree graduation:

anthro dress, Bandolino heels (Macy's)

I love this dress. Though it’s only really suitable for warm warm weather/climates (Chicago summer, the beach, perhaps the occasional jaunt in Southern California?), I’m delighted to keep it in rotation in my dress repertoire. And it felt absolutely freaking perfect for a breezy August day in Sante Fe.

And the shoes? I just can’t seem to find where I wore them before, though I feel as if I did . . . . they’re shiny copper-pink peeptoes. You’ll see ’em better soon.


August 5, 2011 / Danielle

Day 202 (Santa Fe)

The grand roadtrip of 2011 continues, hurray!

This morning we woke up in Denver and moved at a leisurely pace, as it was a mere 6.25 hour jaunt from there to here (which is Santa Fe.) We hit a patch of ridiculous out-of-nowhere downpour as we crossed the Colorado-New Mexico border, but other than that? It’s been a beautiful drive – they’re gorgeous interstates to traverse, y’all.

I felt the need for a comfortable but semi-fabulous road-trippin’ ensemble for today . . . and here’s what I got:

anthro romper, Lucky boots, VW bug.

Thanks to little brother Casey for snapping the photo. And for listening to repeated playings of Newsies’ “Sante Fe”. (Original and reprise both. It just felt appropriate . . . .)

More from New Mexico tomorrow!


August 4, 2011 / Danielle

Day 199

We’re coming to the last of the cell-phone-photos, I promise!

So this was the ensemble I wore for the most momentous of occasions: my last day living in Chicago. I had to get up and shepherd the movers through the “what’s going and what’s staying” process, and then drive myself six hours east to Des Moines (with the little blue Beetle) to kick off the grand road trip to sunny California.

Here’s the quick pic I snapped at 7:00 am before the movers arrived at eight:

UO tee, AT Loft skirt (altered by me), Alfani sandals

A terrible photo, I know! But better ones to come.

This tee is one of my very favorites (and for those who can’t read it, it’s “Everyone Loves An Irish Girl” – you’ve seen it before.) The skirt is a “Make Do or Do Without” that I still need to fill you in on – it used to be a maxi skirt, but had since shrunk to a very unattractive hemline . . . . I’ll fill y’all in, I promise.

So it was a hot, sweaty, busy, and emotionally exhausting day. But at least my last day living in Chicago? Included some girlytime adventure:

Annie P. and Danielle at Danielle's Last Meal. (aka, Steak & Shake.)


August 4, 2011 / Danielle

Day 194 (Bits and Pieces)

Tragically, I just ran out of time and space to document everything I wore in the past few weeks (what with the madness of moving). But I did want to catch you up on the few outfits I managed to snap shots of.

Last Wednesday was one of my last days in my retail gig. It was hot and sticky and gross-gross-gross, but I still wanted to feel a little cute . . . . hence:

thrifted dress, Alfani sandals

This dress is going to be a delight in Southern California; I’m doing my best to take care of the delicate silk so I can wear it a bunch more. . . .


August 4, 2011 / Danielle

Day 201 (And 193 and 189)

Hey y’all! Yes, I’m back, and with an outfit to boot (hurray!)

Today was Day 3 of my cross-country road trip (and I’ll have some catch-up posts coming for you soon.) We’ve traveled a thousand miles (1002.3, to be exact) – and by we, I mean me and the little blue Beetle. (And yes, my trusty brother Casey is along for the ride since Nebraska.)

The name of the game for the last few days has been comfort, especially in this heat; and you’ve seen this dress a million times, but it’s one of my favorites for ease of wear.

In fact, because you’ve seen it a million times? I’m not embarrassed to post the less-than-stellar headless photo I managed to snap this morning:

anthro dress, Alfani sandals, blonde puppy.

But you do get to see my puppy, Sosa. (Yes, I adopted her in Chicago circa 2003 – how on earth did you guess?)

The best part of this outfit (and the reason I felt even slightly okay posting the headless photo) is that I’ve basically worn it twice more in the past few weeks. (Yup. It was a busy and hot time. For comfortable clothes.)

And those two times were Day 189, when I flew from Austin to Omaha and then began driving back to Chicago (after registering the blue Bug) . . . and the other? Was for one of my “leaving Chicago” adventures – a doubleheader day of lunch at Hot Doug‘s and dinner at Kuma’s Corner (or as dubbed by its innovator, my buddy Gilmer, “Meat Sweats Day”**.)

In case you should say it is not possible? I present you with the following photographic evidence of Day 193:

Four dogs and fries at 10:30 am


Enormous burger. Enormous Mac & Cheese. at 10:30 pm*

*Note: for those who are hoping to attempt a similar feat? The twelve-hour gap between the two is highly recommended.

**As one of his friends said, “A star has been added to the Chicago flag in honor of your achievement.”

So – apologies for my absence, etc etc etc – as well as the lack of fabulous variety. But as my life shifts coasts and gears, I’ll have a little more time to keep you updated, I hope. (It’s nice to be back.)

Remixed (oh, a bunch):

July 31, 2011 / Danielle

Day 197 (yes, I had to go back and count)

Guys, first of all, thanks for bearing with me. It’s going to be a bunch of change and turmoil for the next few days (movers arrive in T-minus 23-to-25 hours) (and . . . ummm . . . there are definitely bags left to be packed.)  I’ve been wearing the same three dresses in rotation, essentially. (And one of them you haven’t seen.) (But trust me, you’re gonna.)

But all that aside – yesterday I snuck in a little time for fun.

So you have to understand; Chicago and I have a relationship dating back for almost a decade now. I moved here fresh from Nebraska to go to college, fell in love, and never really planned to leave. Now that this grand opportunity for change/growth/awesome work has fallen into my lap (yay San Diego!), I’m wildly excited. But I’m also mourning the suspension of the wonderful life I built here.

I’ve made some great friends and done some work I’m proud of, and more than anything? I’ve become a devotee of Chicago itself, and the rough-and-tumble nitty gritty pride  we have in the art we make.

There’s a alley a few blocks from my house whose wall I’ve delighted in on many occasions, and as soon as I knew I was leaving town for a while? I knew I wanted to do this:

anthro blouse, swapped dress-worn-as-skirt, katie & kelly heels, handmade belt

I love you so much, Chicago.

(Many thanks to my awesome friend Austin of Austin D. Oie Photography. You’re pretty great, darling.)