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February 27, 2011 / Danielle

Week Six: A Summary

I’ll be the first to admit that this week barely counts as part of the project; being on vacation, especially with close and lovely friends, especially on a resort where the only worry you have is “what is the best way to keep sand out of my bathing suit?”, is naturally going to take my mind off of all other addictions and dependencies (particularly when you can eat and drink all your heart desires . . . . so maybe that’s not exactly ‘off your mind’? No matter).

Nonetheless, I still had to remind myself, “Danielle, you can’t buy those hats/sarongs/necklaces” – not that I was intending to, mind you, but that I had that sudden “Oooh, I could do with a lovely straw hat.”

At one point, late in the week, I realized one of my dresses was uncomfortably tight (this, ahem, may have had something to do with the aforementioned gorging to your heart’s desire), and tore it off in favor of something else. When my friend suggested I just wear it unbuttoned and layer a tank top underneath, I had to shrug; I didn’t bring one and I couldn’t buy one, so that wasn’t an option.

Packing for a trip knowing I couldn’t buy anything there didn’t hugely adjust the experience for me, but it did make me throw in more options than usual. And now I think I’ll remember to always, always include some simple pieces (a tank top, and I would have loved a belt to go with the layering I’m hoping to attempt for tomorrow) (Chicago weather permitting – not easy to cover my bases for both an airport in Florida and a long trek back once I reach home in Chi-city – I’m thinking tights and cashmere socks in the carry-on . . . .)

I also (ahem) am going to have to get a little bit on the healthy bandwagon when I get back to Chicago, if only because the all-you-can-eat has left me little-that-will-fit. If there was ever a better reason to work towards your fighting weight than “If I don’t, I’ll be basically be wearing this muumuu to work for the next 320-odd days”, I’d like to hear it.

I’m still proud of myself for coming this far, but like most other concerns, it really melted away on vacation. It helped that I’d shopped ahead (and yes, it was fun to wear some new things – hurrah!), and it was useful that I’ve taken beach vacations before and could dig through my old stash of coverups (strangely, they get such little use in Chicago, how could that be?) to bring what I needed.

And it’s the beach, and no one cares what you’re wearing, or if you’ve washed your hair, or any of it. Hurrah.

In any case – if you want to distract me from shopping, fashion blogs, and all my other little bad habits (another time, another time!) – park me on a beach with  my girlfriends with a ticket to the buffet and the bar in my hand and a Dave Sedaris book in the other, and I’ll be content.

Coming back to the Chicago couple-inches-of-snow-and-no-sunshine for six more weeks, however, may wreak a little havoc with my resolve . . . let’s hope it’s been rejuvenated enough to hold out for spring.




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