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April 19, 2011 / Danielle

Day 95

Guys, this week is turning into an enormous clusterfuck. While on my way downtown this morning, there was a train derailment at one of the major junctions; so after being stuck for twenty minutes, we were ferried back the other way and left at the mercy of the buses, which were already crazily crowded with other commuters on their way in. Suffice it say, my usually 45-minute commute? Took three hours.

And of course, it was bitter cold and raining.

Meh. I had a book, I had the bus-tracker, I ducked into Starbucks at one point while awaiting the next one and got myself hot tea and a sandwich, and I arrived only mildly sodden and on-the-verge-of-hypothermia . . .

And, here’s what I was sporting. (Forgive the strange cropping – still learning iPhone camera-timer – will be better tomorrow* I hope):


anthro dress & sweater, Hunter boots

Taken at the moment a large drip came plop! onto my arm. Brilliant.

I will resist being grumpy. It is a beautiful world, I am so lucky to be in it, and it will be warm in no less than 50 days.

Perhaps 60.

*All of it! Had better be!

Mix mix mix:


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